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4th August 2018 - 11th August 2018

Book now for a week of intensive study in Central London with pastors and professors from John MacArthur's training centre,The Master's Seminary. Join us as we dig into the Bible for the wisdom we need to live as Biblical Christians.

A Week in the Word

Wisdom for Living: Learning to live wisely in everyday life.
Monday, 6th August to Friday,10th August

Women's Conference

Wise Women: Wisdom from the Word for Biblical change
Saturday, 4th August

Men's Conference

Wise Men: Wisdom from the Word to enable men to live Bibically
Saturday, 11th August

Every year GraceLife London hosts a one-week intensive Bible conference to equip believers with the straightforward Bible teaching we need to grow in godliness and be able to fulfil the Great Commission.

Taught by professors from The Master’s Seminary, and pastors who’ve trained there, we aim to provide the kind of faithful biblical exposition many have become familiar with through the ministry of John MacArthur.

Join us this year for another Bible-feast as we look at the very practical teaching in God’s word giving us Wisdom for Living.


Dr Jack Hughes

Dr. Jack Hughes

Dr. Jack Hughes has pastored for over 25 years and now shepherds Anchor Bible Church in Louisville, Kentucky ( He and his wife Lisa have been married for 34 years and have a married daughter, two grown sons, and a granddaughter.

Dr. Richard Caldwell

Dr. Richard Caldwell

Dr. Richard Caldwell has been pastoring for 30 years, and has been Pastor-Teacher of Founders Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. He has a doctorate in Expository Preaching from The Master’s Seminary, and serves as the campus pastor of The Expositors Seminary.


Dr. Keith Essex

Dr. Keith Essex is an off-site Elder for GraceLife London, and has taught Bible Exposition at The Master’s Seminary since 1992. He has been a pastor, overseen church-planting, helped direct the Doctor of Ministry course at TMS, and still teaches around the world.


Dr. Tom Drion

Dr. Tom Drion is one of the founding pastors of GraceLife London. After a career as an osteopath, Tom received his theological education and his doctoral degree from The Master’s Seminary. Married for 25 years to Donna, they have a nine year old daughter, Carys.


Pastor Adam Waller

Pastor Adam Waller is one of the pastors of GraceLife London. Originally from Dry Fork, Virginia, Adam recieved his theological education from The Master’s Seminary. He and his wife Dana have been married for 7 years and have a young daughter named Hannah.


Lisa Hughes

Lisa Hughes is a wife to Jack, grandma, mother, pastor’s wife, author, and an international conference-speaker for women. She spends her time teaching the women at her church and at conferences and preparing bible studies that can be found on her website

Event Schedule

Saturday 4th August 10:30am - 4:30pm

Women's Conference

Wise women don’t stay the same.

There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck, or feeling like you’re never going to change.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay the same: in the wisdom of the Word is hope for both growth and change. For this series, we’ll mine the Scriptures for the truths that change us!

Monday 6th August Friday 10th August 10:30am - 11:30am

Wisdom in Finances

So many Christians struggle with applying wisdom in the area of finances. You can feel alone, but the sad reality is that those who are wise in this area stand out from the crowd. This is taught Monday to Friday for the 1st session each day.

Monday 6th August Friday 10th August 11:45am - 12:45pm

Wisdom in Relationships

All of us are in relationships. The 2nd session each day (Monday-Friday) will focus on the Biblical wisdom for relationships essential for both singles and married people. This is the wisdom God’s children need to build godly relationships with the people God brings into our lives.

Monday 6th August Friday 10th August 2:15pm - 4:30pm

Wisdom in Marriage and Parenting

The lack of heavenly wisdom in marriage and parenting is painfully obvious in churches. Pastors have often turned to psychology for help and the results have been catastrophic. For the next 2 sessions each afternoon, we’ll be looking to the Bible to learn to live excellently in the home, and to avoid the many catastrophes that come from worldly advice.

Childcare is provided during these session.

Monday 6th August Friday 10th August 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Questions and Answers

Monday 6th August Friday 10th August 7:00pm - 9:00pm

The Fruit of the Spirit

Every evening we’ll be working through the life-changing teaching on the fruit of the Spirit. After an introductory message on Monday evening, each night there will be two sessions looking at aspects of the fruit as it’s defined in Galatians 5:22-23. This section is bookable as a separate track, suitable also for people who can’t get the week off work, but can come in the evenings.

Saturday 11th August 10:30am - 4:30pm

Men's Conference

More than ever, men today need the wisdom of God’s Word to be able to handle the many pressures of the modern world.

Being a wise man doesn’t require great age, but it does require great attention to God’s Word. Thankfully the principles we need to be able to make wise choices are written plainly in God’s Word if only we take the time to dig for them!

Join our very own three wise men, Drs. Keith Essex, Jack Hughes, and Richard Caldwell for a day mining God’s Word for the Divine wisdom that applies specifically to men.