Children’s ministry is an integral part of our church, and one of our important evangelism opportunities. We seek to support families as they raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord by providing biblically-based, Gospel-centred, age-appropriate lessons. 



Tiny Tots (8-24 months) 

This is the first class, staffed mostly by mothers whose own children are in this age group. The children start the session with a Bible story, song, and prayer, and then spend time playing together. 


Little Explorers (2-4 years) 

This class aims to support children's growing independence in sitting and focusing for longer. They begin to go through the Bible using the Generations of Grace Curriculum. After the main teaching, children complete a craft activity, which they take home to continue to explore the wonderful truths of Jesus Christ and the Bible stories with their parents. 


Adventurers (5-6 years) 

This class picks up where Little Explorers finishes, continuing with the Generations of Grace curriculum. This class begins to bring to their small hearts the adventure of memorising scripture and applying what they learn through many activities including an age-appropriate craft activity. The children work through two years of the Generations of Grace curriculum covering the riches of learning about the life and person of Jesus Christ and the truths covered in the Old Testament historical books, including lessons from Acts and Revelation, at an appropriate age level. 


Discovery (7-8 years) 

This class builds on what the children have learnt from their earlier classes while at the same time continues to help the children discover the depths and the riches of the life of Christ and the Bible by completing a final two years of Generations of Grace curriculum. This means that by the time a child that has completed Little Explorers, Adventurers and Discovery, they have gone through the Bible twice over a six year period. This prepares them for their next class, Foundry, which provides the opportunity to build a firm foundation with the truths they’ve discovered. 


Foundry (9-11 years) 

This class has been developed to build a firm foundation around that which the children have learned in their understanding of the Life and person of Jesus Christ and the Biblical truth (through their time in the Generation of Grace curriculum). This class takes the opportunity to build on what the child has learned in previous classes and provides a biblical framework to build a strong theological foundation while at the same time allowing a child to build the life skills needed for critical thinking. Foundry class uses the Adventure Club curriculum to teach theology in an age-appropriate way. 


Crossroads Class (12-15 years) 

We recognise that children starting their secondary years are exposed to a variety of unique challenges and face many new life changing decisions than ever before.  Therefore, this class seeks to nurture and give support to them with the biblical knowledge and training they have gained over the years to help them choose the Lord’s direction in which they face in the many crossroads of their lives. They learn from the Answers in Genesis Bible curriculum, which has an apologetic bias, but while it continues to broaden the training of critical thinking, it doesn’t retract from the continuing need to focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His saving grace that is freely offered to all who repent of their sin and believe and follow after Him. 




Generations of Grace 

Generations of Grace is a biblically-based, and God-centred Sunday School curriculum designed for children from three to twelve years old. Over a three-year period, this curriculum covers the Old Testament historical books, the life of Christ, and lessons from Acts and Revelation. Simply put, the children love it, and they get to hear the Bible taught from end to end! This is used by the Little Explorers, Adventurers, and Discovery classes over six years so that the children will have gone through the Bible twice from cover to cover. 

More information is available from Grace Community Church's website.


Adventure Club 

This is a systemic theology aimed at 9–11-year-olds. Written by a team of faithful teachers at Grace Community Church, Adventure Club teaches children about God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, the Bible, the Church, Creation, end times, and much more. It covers the same topics as a seminary level systematic theology course, but all of these are carefully taught at an age-appropriate level. The children love it and always ask excellent follow up questions. 

More information is available from Grace Community Church's website.


Answers Bible Curriculum 

This has been written by Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis ministry. It goes through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, drawing out important theological truths along the way. The curriculum places an emphasis on apologetics; however, the teachers ensure that the Gospel is always the main focus. 

More information is available from Answers in Genesis' website.



Sunday school runs during the first service (10:00 am every Sunday). We love to have the children stay with us in the service until the sermon is about to begin, and then they move to age-appropriate classes, where they’re taught a children’s Bible study series called Generations of Grace. Parents who prefer to keep their children with them throughout are welcome to do so. There is also a nursing area for mothers to take their babies if need be. We think it is important that the children witness the church celebrate the Lord’s table so they re-join the main service when for this on the first and third Sundays of every month; they do the same when baptisms are held throughout the year.



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Children's Ministry team by email: cm@gracelifelondon.org.