Christians have always faced persecution, but most of us have got used to living as if we won’t face it ourselves. All of that seems likely to change with a gathering storm over issues such as sexuality and gender.

In such circumstances, Christians desperately need to be anchored in Biblical truth, with a cast-iron commitment not to bow to the spirit of the age.

We also need wisdom from the Word to govern our responses both to the world and to those who profess to be Christians and yet compromise on these issues.


Understanding The Problem We Face

With John MacArthur setting out the problem we face and issuing a call to steadfastness, over four days the other speakers will tackle the subject in a variety of ways to ensure believers are thoroughly prepared for whatever is ahead.


A Biblical Perspective On Gender & Sexuality

Owen Strachan will tackle the issues of gender and sexuality as a theologian, providing us with a biblical view of gender, manhood, and womanhood.


Getting A Biblical Perspective On Persecution

Rick Holland will be expounding key scriptures that address the subject of persecution, and also speaking pastorally to help believers use biblical wisdom so that we know how to choose which hills to die on.


Responding To Our Critics

Phil Johnson will speak to our engagement in apologetics, both with the world, but also in terms of responding to professing Christians who may compromise or simply fail to understand the issues.


Learning From Our Ancestors

Gary Brady will be presenting a historical perspective helping us prepare for persecution by looking back at a time in our own country when the government of the day required both preachers and churches to adhere to it’s own approved form of worship and belief, and tracing how our spiritual ancestors counted the cost.


Preparing Yourself To Suffer For Christ

Paul Washer will be addressing the western mindset that allows believers to settle into a comfortable Christian life. He’ll be exhorting us to take up our place in this generation as those who live as missionaries in our

own culture, and live godly lives such that we expect to be persecuted.